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Christal Blue is now working with people with their behavioral addictions. (Habit Modification, Personal Nutrition Assistant, Personal Rehabilitation)

If YOU are in need of counseling for any of the following addictions:
substance abuse (alcohol and drugs), gambling addiction, eating addictions, sex addictions, porn addiction, computer addiction, clutter addiction, debtors addiction, co-dependency, personality dependency or problems with domestic violence, please call for a free screening (213) 804-4304.

At present I am semi-retired from casting, however I still have the ability to guide and direct people who are interested in an acting career.  It is a great way to direct your energies and learn more about yourself. Feel free to call me for a consultion.

Send picture and resume to ChristalBluCast@aol.com or call (213) 804-4304...Production People Welcome!

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The First Featured Extra - Principal Casting Service in Hollywood to get Full Screen Credit

"STRANGERS KISS" - with Peter Coyote and Victoria Tenant

The Third Industry Casting Company in Hollywood being NON-Union to open!
1. Pearl Kempton
2. Judie's Casting
3. Christal Blue Casting - Principal Casting & Featured Extras

Most of the casting companies popped up in the late 80's.  Several of those people who had worked for one of the three casting services - including CBC - opening their own companies, creating new small businesses in Hollywood.  Many of these are not operating today.  They have found other avenues, such as payroll services.

Our book, "OFF THE BUS", was printed in 1981, and after that a trail of similar books emerged.  Hollywood HOS for Brain Surgeons have supported the industry for about 3 years, and appear to be the current authority.

For any person who ever dreamed of being in a movie...the dream was made possible by beginning in one of the casting service companies.  The dream is still possible today...by registering with CBC a person can be provided with all of the information they need to work in any field in the industry.  Example - ACTOR...DIRECTOR...WRITER...EDITOR...VISUAL EFFECTS...SPECIAL EFFECTS...PRODUCER...DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY...ON AND ON!

Short Biography on Christal Blue Cbluepit.gif (247713 bytes)Christal is a certified aroma therapist and incorporates the CHAKRAS with the essential oils, (pure not cut with a carrier oil).  The art of reading the CHAKRAS were brought to light in her life and taught to her by a Master in Sedona.  The conscience knowledge manifested, reason being she was born with the ability to see them, yet not clearly understanding what she was seeing and the language to accompany them, so as fate and destiny would bring that conscience knowledge to her through a master, she began to read them, what they say, what they are doing, and guidance on how to balance them accompanied by the pure essential oils.  These are the seven spiritual centers of the body in the etherics surrounding the physical body. This procedure is a joy in her life and for others she has shared this procedure with.

Christal Blue was born in San Antonio, Texas.  She attended Monterey Tech in Old Mexico.  Speaks Spanish.  She moved to Hollywood in 1970, attending Los Angeles Valley College for two years, studying History, Language, Humanities and Child Psychology.   Her film career began in 1970.  She attended to two school simultaneously, learning the acting craft and appearing in various films, including "MASADA", playing the part of "Fatima".  She was also featured in "CONCRETE JUNGLE".

In 1978 her interest shifted to production and finding a niche in casting, writing, directing, and then producing.  She found special interest in in education and industrial films.  CBC opened its' original office in the Sunland/Shadow Hills, CA area and was later moved to Hollywood,( two different locations, 8600 block of Sunset Blvd. for 7 years, Melrose and Vine for the remaining years.)  CBC cast  the pilot of "WILD, WILD WEST", which went to film.  In 1992, CBIE, Inc. was developed to make films for company products, demo reels for actors/actresses, training films and documentaries.  CBIE, Inc. is proud to say we have done many Public Service Announcements, including casting such as the year 2000 PSA "KIDS AGAINST DRUGS" for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Christal Blue is a director of Women In Film at the Arizona Chapter.  Her title, international liaison.  In 1999, Christal won the President's Award at the WIF Living Legacy Awards in Sedona, Arizona.  She is a member of the Television Academy, the Smart Screen Set, Director of the Project Area Committee of North Hollywood (an elected office), which is a group that works close with the CRA, its' purpose being to upgrade the community.

A partial list of casting and production credits are available here for your reference, amassed following 20+ years in the film industry.
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