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"Dear Christal:

This is to let you know that your creative efforts in casting TERMINATOR are the efforts that added to the great success of the film."



"To Whom It May Concern:

We want to take this opportunity to say Christal Blue Casting did an excellent job on THIS IS SPINAL TAP.  They added to our film's success."

Cathy Rosenstein
Assistant to Rob Reiner


"Dear Christal:

Christal, I want to thank you!  You did a marvelous job of casting my film.  We hope to see you at the Sportman for the wrap party...and if not, I'll say hello to the Lone Star State where you were born."

Caruth Byrd

Primary and Secondary Casting - Principal and Featured Extras

CONCRETE JUNGLE                                             Ideal Films Inc.
BEST OF BEST (Feature Film)                              F. B. Productions, Eric Roberts
YOU TALKIN' TO ME (Feature Film)                      Chartoff Winkler
DIRT MERCHANT                               1998             Dirt Merchant Productions
BLADE RUNNER (Feature Film)                           Joanna Cassidy

ET guys.jpg (1297349 bytes)
E.T. (Feature Film) (Bicycle Boys)                          Judy's Casting
Stephen Spielberg
WILDWILDWEST.GIF (16949 bytes)
WILD, WILD WEST (Pilot)                                        Magic Window Productions
kidnapped.jpg (601755 bytes)
KIDNAPPED                                                             Ken Fritz, Hickmar Productions
KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN                           Sugar Loaf Productions
TUFF TURF (Feature Film)                                     Avco Embassy, James Spader
Malibu.gif (271092 bytes)
MALIBU NIGHTS                                                        Feature Film
Lumin.jpg (186545 bytes)
LUMINARIAS                                                               Feature Film
CAGED FURY (Feature Film)                                
Bob Galager, Tanya Roberts
TIPS (Feature Film)                                                  Paragon Arts Silver Star Productions
DRAGON DUNGEONS                                           Feature Film
moon in scorpio.jpg (548676 bytes)
MOON IN SCORPIO                                                  Feature Film
CIRCUTORY MAN                                                    Feature Film
NEON EMPIRE (Feature Film)                                Show Time, Fries Entertainment
TOTAL RECALL (Feature Film)                              Arnold Schwarzenegger
the last american virgin.jpg (919347 bytes)
LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (Feature Film)             Hollywood European Productions
Blue Justice.jpg (318919 bytes)
BLOOD JUSTICE                                                     Rojac Prod (1994)
(Cannon) First Hit by Cannon
SARATE                                                                     Feature Film
HOUR GLASS (Feature Film)                                  ES Productions, C.T.  Howell, Charlie Sheen, Keffer Sutherland (1994) Live Entertainment
Hotwired.gif (333072 bytes)
HOT WIRED                                                                 Feature Film
TOO FAST TOO YOUNG                                          Metro Productions (1995)
STRANGER'S KISS                                                  Killer Productions Inc,
CLASS OF 1999 (Feature Film)                              Max Bing (1990)
TOP GUN (Feature Film)                                          Orion
Terminator.gif (863626 bytes)
TERMINATOR (Feature Film)                                  Orion Productions & Distribution Gale Ann Hurd, James Cameron (1984)
Spinal tap.jpg (1505422 bytes)
SPINAL TAP (Feature Film)                                     Spinal Tap Productions, Rob Reiner
BACK TO THE FUTURE (Feature Film)                 Greenberg & Associates
PLATOON (Feature Film)                                         Bob Morones, Oliver Stone "A.A."
Salvador.gif (77865 bytes)
SALVADOR (Feature Film)                                       Oliver Stone
PERILS OF BEING                                                    Walter Woods, Rob Lowes, James Blushi   Green Communications (1996)
car wash.jpg (1709566 bytes)
HOLLYWOOD STORIES (Feature Film)                 United Entertainment (1989)
IN THE COLD OF THE NIGHT (Feature Film)       In House Productions, Melina Armstrong (1989)
LONELY LADY (Feature Film)                                  Pann Parr Productions, Piasa Dora
ghoulies.gif (359879 bytes)
GOOLIES (Feature Film)                                           Empire Productions (1986)
UNDERGROUND COMEDY (Feature Film)           Best Offer Productions
EFFECTS OF MAGIC (Feature Film)                     Effects Company
STRANGE BUT TRUE                                              "Linda Eyes" - "Life Guard" - "Witikers Story"
Diamonds in the rough .jpg (444156 bytes)
DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH                                       Rojax
PAPER BULLETS                                                      Rojax
BLUE HIGHWAY                                                         Rojax
"OKC"                                                                           HRE Productions
BREATH OF DEATH                                                  Bourdoux
KORN (Music Video)                                                  Sunshine
GEORGE CLINTON (Music Video)                          FM Rocks
SAPIRRO BEER (Commercial)                                Cente Servia (1997)
FOOLS GOLD (Feature Film)                                   9th House LLCC (1998)
Men in black.jpg (460088 bytes)
MIB (Men In Black) (Feature Film)                             Promax (1998)
SHADOW MEN (Feature Film)                                  Promax (1998)
ENCOUNTER (Feature Film)                                     Promax) (1998)
U.S. CUSTOMS CLASSIFIED                                  Stephen J. Cannel 1995/1996
BEETLE BORGS                                                         Gabe Tories Fox (1996)
CASPER THE BEGINNING (Feature Film)               Ghost  Prod
savate.jpg (635358 bytes)
SAVATE                                                                         Feature Film
SWEPTAWAY.GIF (286951 bytes)
SWEPT AWAY (Feature Film)                                    Rojak Film  1996
MONTERRY NIGHTS (Feature Film)                          Rojak Film 1996
CHINA BLUE (Feature Film)                                        Avco - Crimes of Passion, Kathleen Turner '80s
AIRWOLF PEOPLE (Feature Film)                             Universal '80s
LAMBADA (Feature Film)                                             Canon Films '80s
MASTERS OF MENACE (Feature Film)                    Castle Rock
BORDERLINE REVENGE                                            Avanta Prod
TIJUANA (Movie)                                                            Tijuana Prod

 Commercials only / Primary

WARNER BROS PROMO            1997                        Riverstreet
MARLBORO                                   1997                        3-Euro Productions
PHYSIC NETWORK                      1998                         Direct America
HERCULES HERO (Disney)        1998                         Walt Disney
PAC * MAN                                     1997                         I. Image Vision
WARNER BROS XMAS                1996                        Warner Bros Productions
WALTER MARCADOS                  
CIRCLE OF POWER                     1997                        Guther Renker Productions
Z MAX                                              1998                        Future Thunder
REPUBLIC AIRLINES                     1998                         Denny Harris Prod
FIDELITY BANK/BATON ROUGE 1998                        Mark Kirkland
AMWAY                                             1998                        London Prod
SUPERCUTS                                   1998                        Denny Harris Prod
CBS PROMO                                    1998                       CBS
PEPSI                                                1998                        Pepsi Cola Company
ARCO A.M - P.M. MARTS               1998                       Denny Harris Prod
TIA MARIA BRANDY                        1998                       Team Prod Inc
McDONALD'S                                   1998
TONKA TOYS                                    1998                       Team Prod Inc
MIKE TYSON / DIET PEPSI             1998                       Luminations Inc
QUAKER STATE OIL                        1998
WILSON CLOTHIERS                       1998                      Wilson Productions
FATBURGER                                     1998                       Keith Wolf
TIME VOYAGER                                1998                       Disney Decuir Design
COCA COLA                                      1998                       Nettleman Productions
TARGET DEPT STORES                 1998                       Hallmark Corp
HILLS BROS COFFEE                     1998                       Denny Harris Prod
HONDA POWER TOOLS                 1998                       Lee Lacy
CARL'S JR.                                         1998                      Blore & Richmon
JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE             1998                     Keith Wolf
DUNCAN YO-YO                                 1998                    Team Productions
BRYMAN SCHOOL                            1998                      United Video
WATER PIC                                         1998                    Team Productions
CAFE A'LAIT                                       1998                     Image Productions
APIRRO BEER                                    1997                     Cente Servia
SAPON JAPAN BEER                       1998                    Centee Service Ent
DISNEY PROMO                                 1998                    Yada Levin
WB PROMO                                         1998                    WB
TOYOTA                                                1997                    Downtown Reel
LEXIS - TOYOTA                                 1998                     Scottsdale AZ office
IT'S A DATE                                         1998                     Spi Productions
KODAK                                                 1996                     Cucaloris / J Walter Thompson
COFFEE BEAN                                   1998                   American Video Co
FIZZ SODA                                           1996                     Hank Tseng Prod
NARCON                                              1998                     TKO Productions
PET CLUB                                            1997                   Oynox Productions
NATIONAL ATTORNEY SERVICE    1997                   Oynox Productions
ACADEMY AWARDS                         2000                     Dakota Prod
MONKEY SHINE (PSA)                      2000                     Monkey Shine Prod
DRUG FREE AMERICA                     2000                     Monkey Shine Prod
CHECK & CHONG PROMO              2000                     Storm Prod

Featured Extras and Bits Only

FIRST AMERICAN REVEL            1999                       American National Network
"RISQUE" RV                                   1999                       Logic
SHOCK TV                                       1999                       Witney Ramsick Prod
3D CABLE TV                                  1999                      Allen Kloss   
THE ALTERNATE                            1999                      Showtime / HBO
MICRO BOY                                      1999                       Tannon 9 Prod Hollywood
OUT OF THE PAST                         1999                       Grant Gilmore Prod
WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY             1999                       KTLA, Picture Perfect
BLAME GAME                                  1999                      Standing Room Only Prod
"REVENGE" (Pilot)                           1999                      Reed Finton
"ON & ON" (MTV)                              1999                      Logic Entertainment
HOWIE MANDEL (Pilot)                   1999                      Fox TV
SHRINK FEST (Pilot)                        1999                      Fox TV
PEPSI (Commercial)                         1999                     Hollywood
GHOST OF A CHANCE                    2000                    Scott Backula Head First
ACADEMY AWARDS                        2000                     DK Films Spartans
LIFE INSURANCE                              2000                     DK Productions
ENERGY JAPAN                                2000                     1171 Productions
DRUG FREE AMERICA                    2000                     Monkeyshine Productions
THROTTLE                                          2000                     Dr Atal Sorma Productions
JACOBS GIFT                                    2000                       AFI
HBO                                                     2000                       Women In News

JUNE MILLER SHOW                         1998                      (Infomercial) June Miller Prod
"TWINS"                                                1997                       Le Vision Productions
ESP (Feature Film)                              1997                      Piermon Entertainment
MALE CHEL PIG (Feature Film)        1997                      Pitza Productions
LOVE OF HIS OWN                             1997                      Tony Zonhul Productions
"GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS"                       1988                       DIRT MERCHANT
BRUTT (Commercial)                          1997                       Ginther Riker
HBO INTIMATE SESSION                  1997                       HBO Productions
TOYOTA (Commercial)                       1997                       Downtown Reel
LEXIS - TOYOTA (Commercial)         1998                    Scottsdale AZ office
IT'S A DATE (Commercial)                 1998                    Spi Productions
KODAK  (Commercial)                        1996                    J. Walter Thompson Adv
S. F. CONVENTION   (Live)                1998                     Spanish Entertainment Co
COFFEE BEAN (Commercial)           1998                   American Video Company  
FIZZ SODA (Commercial)                   1996                   Hank Tseng Productions
NARCON                                                PBS                   TKO Productions
LORDS OF THE DANCE                     Music Video     Steven Champon Productions
UNWRITTEN LAW                                 Music Video      DNA Productions
FITTNESS                                              Infomercial          Paul Allen Productions
WHITE ZOMBIE                                     Music Video      Johnson & Burrnett
MATCH BOX                                         Music Video       Squeak Pictures
NOVORY                                                Music Video       John & Gopman
E. CONFESSIONS  (7 series)             Cable                  Cinemax
PLEXIE                                                   1997                     Planet Productions
CHERILL CROW                                   1997                     Propaganda
PHYSIC NETWORK (Infomercial)       1998                    Direct America
SAPON JAPAN BEER                         1998                     Centee Service Entertainment
EC III                                                        1998                     Ministry of Film Productions
ELDER CONCERN (PSA)                   1998                     PSA / JMC Inc
SUICIDE RIDE  (LB Video)                  1998                     SP Entertainment
CREED                                                   1998                     Logic Entertainment
OFF SPRING / SONIC YOUTH            1999                     Logic Entertainment
"FIR 2200"     (Pilot)                               1999                     Foundation Imaging
INTERVENTION (Pilot)                          1999                   Atlantic Syndication
EVERLY BROTHERS                           1998
JANKOVITCH                                         1998                   Myrna Meth & Assc
THE BLASTERS                                    1998                     Wolf Productions
PLEXIE                                                    1997                     Planet Productions
CHERILL CROW                                    1997                   Propoganda
UNWRITTEN LAW                                  1997                   DNA Productions
KORN                                                       1997                     Sunshine Prod
WHITE ZOMBIE                                      1997                     Johnson & Burrnell
MATCH BOX                                           1997                   John & Gopman
CREED                                                    1998                     Logic Entertainment
OFF SPRING/SONIC YOUTH               1998                     Logic Entertainment
THE DRUM                                              2000                   New York Ent.

Game Shows & Pilots

PARTY LINE I                                          1998                    Regg Grundy Prod
PARTY LINE II                                          1998                   Regg Grundy Prod
GET AWAY                                              1998                   Bob Signs Prod
REG GRUNDY PARTY LINE                 1998                    Can Vista Prod
SALE OF THE CENTURY                     1998                    Ester First Prod

Television Specials

WILD WORLD                                                                    The Film Makers Co
LONG LAST LOVE                                                            Select
STRANGE BUT TRUE, LIFEGUARD                              Don Carmody Prod
STRANGE BUT TRUE, LINDA'S EYE (feature)             Don Carmody Prod
L.A. LAW                                                                             Bressler & Assoc.
BLUES IN AMERICA (ABC)                                             Lee Magit Prod
WHO SHRANK SATURDAY MORNING                         NBC-TV

THE ALTERNATE FF, starring Eric Roberts                 SHOWTIME 2000
RICKY THE PIG (no distribution yet)                               2000
DIET COKE (commercial)                                               JAPAN 2000
MICRO BOY (feature film)                                                CABLE TV
ACADEMY AWARDS 2000                                            ROMAN SOLDIERS
NO NEW MESSAGES                                                     CABLE 2000
GINGER RISING                                                                CABLE 2000
CHRISTAL BLUE BROKE HER LEG!                           HA HA PROD.

Additional Credits Available On Request)

BTW...the following are movie and television stars who began their careers as non-principal actors.  An EXTRA, by definition, is a paid professional actor in a non-principal part.

Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Michael Landon, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Suzanne Sommers, Bill Cosby, Jack Nicolson, David Niven, Janet Gaynor, Bob Hope, Donald Sutherland, Tom Cruise, Walter Brennan, Henry Winkler, Julia Roberts, Aaron Spelling, Ken Wahl, Robert DeNiro, Pat Nixon, Kevin Costner, Whoopi Goldberg, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Terri Garr, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duvall, President Ronald Reagan, Mary Tyler Moore, Clint Eastwood, Joan Crawford, Robert Redford, Tom Selleck, Lucille Ball, Valerie Harper, Sophia Loren, John Travolta, Elizabeth Taylor...and Betty Boop.

I am currently lecturing at McClay Rehabition Center.